Yesterday I said something really sweet on Twitter, that got misconstrued as bitchy, mean and ungrateful, and now I’m under attack for it.

When I said “For the first time in basically a year, I actually feel special and like I mean something to someone. :)" I meant it as in "I feel special to someone romantically". I wasn’t counting friendships in that. So you can shut up about me being spoiled and ungrateful, just looking to milk support. Because that’s not what I was doing at all. I was merely expressing my happiness about finding someone that made me feel amazing. :)

Alright, listen up. Don’t fucking spout some bullshit about me never saying that our relationship only felt like a friendship until last night. Because you know fucking DAMN WELL that I said “this feels like a friendship” and “I think we’re better off as friends, but I don’t think we work in a relationship” like 600 fucking times during our breakup conversation. So don’t act all god damn fucking surprised. You’re such a lying piece of shit, lmfao. Gotta cover your own ass and keep making me look like the bad guy. I C U big dawg.

Oh, and about the whole “I need to stop jumping into relationships blah blah blah”- You had absolutely no problem with it when I jumped into one with you. ;) At least you wrote something about me trying to wait. Surprised you didn’t just leave it out completely with the way you’re shitting on me. LOL. But yeah. I stopped waiting. Waiting only got me hurt in the long run. So I’d rather just go for it, and hope for the best. If it works, it works. If not, oh well I tried.

To quote his own tumblr rant post:

Neither of us acted like it after the first week it was basically friendship.”

Uhhhh I don’t know what the fuck you do with your friends but okkk.

L.M.F.A.O. I SEE YOU TRYING TO PRETEND LIKE WE DID SHIT. AHAHAHA OH MY GOD. That honestly made me laugh. I think the most relationshipy thing that was said during those two months was a “<3” and that only happened like twice, lmao. No hugs, snuggles, cuddles, kisses, sex, nudes, etc. Nothing of the sort. I send <3’s to my friends all the time so uh… LOL. Yeah. Nice try, but no.

Also, nice. I applaud you really. Getting everyone you’ve talked shit about behind their back to defend you? Great touch. You’re not innocent… Not even close.

But I digress. :)

Overthinking ruins relationships. It creates problems that weren’t there before. Don’t overthink.
—Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

Pro tip: Giving someone the benefit of the doubt rarely works out. You’ll just end up looking like an idiot.

I became really fast, great friends with someone. Now, this guy has a slight reputation of being a bit thirsty. A week or so of being friends, and he tells me that he really likes me. I honestly enjoy his company a lot. I don’t feel awkward in a call with him, like I do with 99% of everyone else. I tell him that I could definitely see myself developing feelings for him, but that I’m not really over my ex, which I dated for nearly 2 years yet. I had previously rushed into a relationship after that break up, and it didn’t go that well. So I also didn’t want to rush into another one. He said that was fine, and that even if I ended up only liking him as a friend, he wanted me in his life some way, because he cared about me a lot.

Fast forward a week or two, and I tell him I do have feelings for him, but still not ready for a relationship. He says that’s okay, and we’ll just see what happens. :)

Recently I’ve been noticing him getting really close with another girl who was in our new found group of friends. I inquired about it, because I do have a bit of a jealous tendency. He got pretty upset with me, and said nothing was going on, so I backed off the subject.

But now it’s gotten to the point where this girl won’t enter the group skype calls at all anymore, and will only talk to him, and no one else. I know she likes him, it’s really obvious. I told him last night that I think she likes him. “Nahhh” he replied, with a chuckle. Another guy in our group also likes her though, so I knew shit was about to go down. I told him that he should just ask her about it, because this love square is not healthy for the group.

He talked to her today. “I think you may actually be right” he says to me. A girl’s intuation is rarely wrong, of course I’m fucking right.

"What are you going to do if I’m right?"

"Um… I don’t really know. u_u"

"I mean, you said you don’t like her back, didn’t you?"

"ummm… I don’t know becca. Don’t put me in this situation"

Excuse me, what.

"So you do like her."

"I don’t know."

LOL. I should have just fucking believed everyone when they said you were thirsty for every girl you became friends with. Because you fucking are. I’m so angry with myself for giving you the benefit of the doubt, and developing some feelings for you. Just… so fucking done, honestly.

From now on the blog will be like 90% rants and vents about my feelings. You’re in for a ride.




Baby arctic fox calling.


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